Breakfast For Dinner

Cross-posted over on Obesity Help but I thought I’d post it here for my friends. No pictures, but I’ll try to get one later.

Chop up some chicken and apple sausage and brown it in a frying pan. Set the sausage aside and scramble an egg in the pan. Just before the egg is set the way you like it, add back in the sausage and finish scrambling. Transfer to a plate and put a slice (or two!) of smoked gouda on the top to melt.

YUM!  There’s no way I can eat this whole ‘serving’ at one sitting but that’s just fine. If it’s good enough to eat now, it’ll be good enough to reheat tomorrow. LOL

And, heeeeeeey, this gives me an idea. I think this would be awesome adapted as one of Shelly’s Bites. I’ll have to do that tomorrow with some of the left over sausage. If I do, I’ll post an update on the experiment.