Happy Thanksgiving and Holiday Survival

Tomorrow is Thanskgiving here in the States. Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers. There’s been some worry on the forum I frequent on how to survive Thanksgiving on a post surgical stomach. Here’s what I intend to do (I followed this at the pot luck I attended and it worked out beautifully).

  1. Eat protein first. Protein helps fill up our tummies and helps keep us full and satisfied for longer.
  2. Don’t make anything absolutely forbidden. Making something forbidden only seems to increase the allure. My only caveats for that are things I am allergic to and my absolute 100% trigger foods (potatoes, oh potatoes you are my kryptonite). Since I am cooking for Thanksgiving, I can control those two factors.
  3. Put a tiny dollop of whatever I want to eat on my plate. Normally I watch my carbs very closely. On the day of the potluck I chose mostly low carbish foods but did not obsess or track. I just got a small spoonful of whatever I wanted to try, ate the protein dense food first and was fine. I was able to take a small taste of stuff and didn’t feel deprived.
  4. We may visit with some friends later in the day. I am making a no sugar added chocolate trifle for dessert and may take some with me as a contribution. If I do then I know there’s at least one weight loss surgery friendly dessert I can indulge in.
  5. Relax and enjoy the day.

So, that’s how I plan to ‘survive’ the holiday.