Mini Goals

Do you set mini goals for yourself during your weight loss journey? I do. When you have as much to lose as I have (or, rather, had) it feels easier to set mini-goals for myself along the way. My first mini-goal was to lose 100 pounds. I’ve done that. My second mini-goal is to get below 200 pounds. I’m not terribly far from that but, if my weight loss keeps up at the same rate it has been, it will take me about three and a half months to get there.

If you do set mini-goals for yourself, what are they?


One Hundred Pounds Gone

So, I did it. Yesterday I reached 100 pounds lost (mind you, this is not since my surgery but in total including my pre-op program with my surgeon). It felt like it would never get here as I was hanging onto the same two or three pounds for the past three weeks but, I made it!

I know I promised everyone pictures. After my husband gets home from work, I’ll get him to snap a couple and edit the post then.