I’m a terrible, terrible blogger

Hi. Remember me? No? I don’t blame you. I’m a crappy blogger and I haven’t kept up with the newsletter either. I am working on some guest posts for the newsletter, though. Things are going great. Just out living life, which I did not really do as much of before my sleeve as I should have.

Weight is still pretty much stalled. Plateaus suck, but I can live with it. I’m still losing inches, slowly but surely, even when the pounds don’t come off. I still love my sleeve. Even if I’m never ‘thin’ again, my life has improved 100% already.

I have some great recipes to post so I’ll be doing that. Weather is getting colder and I start craving soups and stews. They’re warming, filling, and all of the ones I’ve found are pretty protein packed. I’ll also post the update on my leg (from my last blog post). It was a fun story (not).


Updates Finally!

I haven’t updated recently, for that I apologize. I’m really a TERRIBLE blogger. No, really, I am. I’ve pretty much just been out living my life. Since losing a chunk of weight, I’ve been a lot more active. That means getting out and doing more.

The first part of July, my best friend in the whole wide world had a VSG! I went to Ohio and spent a week there, so I could be there for her surgery. It was great getting to see her and spend time with her and her family. When it was time to come home I was really sad but now that we know it’s not too expensive for me to travel there, I may get to see her more often.

I had my one year follow up at my surgeon’s office yesterday. My one year isn’t until the 18th but I had an issue I wanted looked at now. I’ve been having some swelling in my legs, especially the right leg, some edema, the skin on top of my shins is reddened (more pink than red but still a color change) and there’s some intermittent achy pain, again mainly in the right leg. I admit, my first thought was the possibility of DVT so I wanted my surgeon to look at it. No, I did not go to the ER – don’t judge me. Seriously, just don’t.

My appointment went really well. I’ve lost a total of 60% of my excess weight and, even though I’ve been on a six month plateau, my weight is right where they ‘wanted’ me at this stage. They were really encouraging about the plateau, too, and I’ll be seeing my nutritionist on Friday to discuss it and see if there’s anything we can change. I still need to do my one year labs, but they’ll call me if there are any issues with them.

About the leg…  More

Gotein Giveaway at fatnomo

Hey guys! My oldest and dearest friend in the whole world Kate over at fatnomo is having a giveaway of Gotein protein (hey, I’m a poet and didn’t know it). She’s got a great review of the product there along with all the details on the giveaway. You should all scoot on over there and enter. Just click on this link to be taken right to the post.

FREE Protein Samples from CHIKE

A little birdie told me (okay, so it was Melting Mama who told me), that if you CALL Chike and ask them very nicely, they will send you free samples. I’ve been wanting to try out their protein since I’ve heard great things about it, so I’m definitely going to do this. If you do this, too, please tell them Melting Mama sent you. The info is below.

Toll-Free: 1-877-974-2537
Department Hours (Central Standard Time):
Monday – Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm

A quote by Werner Erhard on being Okay

If you could really accept that you weren’t ok, you could stop proving you were ok. If you could stop proving that you were ok you could get that it was ok not to be ok. If you could get that it was ok not to be ok you could get that you were ok the way you are. You’re ok, get it?

Werner Erhard

I don’t know but I think this is the best thing I’ve heard all day and something I (along with a few others) really needed to hear today.


One of the great side-effects of the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy is my lack of hunger. One of the things the VSG does is significantly reduces the production of ghrelin, the hunger hormone. Some people never lose their hunger. Some people lose it for awhile and it comes back after six months or so. I can say for myself, at nearly 10 months out I rarely experience physical hunger.

It is difficult to describe the difference between my hunger pre-surgery and the hunger I experience now. Pre-surgery, my hunger was a desperate, almost panicky feeling. Even worse, I felt it all the time. I was never ‘not hungry’. I could eat to the point of being stuffed, physically uncomfortable even, and less than an hour later I’d feel as if I was starving again. Since my surgery, I have not felt that way, not even once. When I do get hungry, I can ignore it for a bit. Prior to surgery it was a constant roar in the back of my mind. After surgery, it is a meow and a quiet one at that.

When I see someone who had a VSG panicking because they are feeling hungry again, I don’t really know what to say to them. Hunger is normal, naturally thin people get hungry too. What is not normal is the way hunger affected us before surgery. It can also be difficult to determine if what you are feeling truly is hunger. Is it head hunger? Is it stomach acid? Stomach acid can mimic the symptoms of hunger to the point the two can become very confused.


USDA – Choose My Plate

I was going to post about the new USDA Choose My Plate food guidelines, but Melting Mama said everything I wanted to say. So instead of me posting my thoughts, go read her post. Why? Because these are my thoughts exactly.

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