I’m a terrible, terrible blogger

Hi. Remember me? No? I don’t blame you. I’m a crappy blogger and I haven’t kept up with the newsletter either. I am working on some guest posts for the newsletter, though. Things are going great. Just out living life, which I did not really do as much of before my sleeve as I should have.

Weight is still pretty much stalled. Plateaus suck, but I can live with it. I’m still losing inches, slowly but surely, even when the pounds don’t come off. I still love my sleeve. Even if I’m never ‘thin’ again, my life has improved 100% already.

I have some great recipes to post so I’ll be doing that. Weather is getting colder and I start craving soups and stews. They’re warming, filling, and all of the ones I’ve found are pretty protein packed. I’ll also post the update on my leg (from my last blog post). It was a fun story (not).


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