Well hello there

Just a quick update to let everybody know I’m still alive and kicking. Haven’t tried any new or exciting recipes lately but I do want to do some posts/product reviews about some food I found that is delish. I’m also going to make some banana protein mini muffins later today (probably today) from The World According to Eggface. I’ll let ya’ll know how they come out.

The first edition of the newsletter is almost done. If you haven’t subscribed and want to, there’s still time. I promise I won’t spam you. Most editions will be once a month, but there may occasionally be twice a month at the very most. I’m also looking for folks that want to contribute recipes or their own success stories. If there’s a specific topic you guys want to see covered, hit me up in comments or email, I’ll make it happen.

On the 18th, I’ll be two months out on my surgery. I’ll try to remember to do a post that day with an update and my thoughts. So far, however, I’ve lost 20 pounds post surgery. It’s hard for me not to compare myself to others who had the vertical sleeve gastrectomy around the same time I did and have lost more weight, but I stop and remind myself that I have never been able to lose 20 pounds in less than two months ever in my life. It helps to remind myself we’re all individuals, with our own individual metabolisms, too.

So, keep on rocking on you guys and I’ll get those other posts up soon.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. b
    Oct 13, 2010 @ 13:31:13

    I know how hard it is to see others losing more and faster. I just have to ignore all of that and look at all the other positive information provided.


    • Jeanette
      Oct 13, 2010 @ 13:33:45

      Oh yes. It’s something I’ve really had to work on in my head, telling myself that I’m not this person or that person, I’m me and my body will let go of the weight the way it wants to.

      I’ve had a lot of success, and that’s what I focus on the most.


  2. Lisa
    Oct 21, 2010 @ 18:03:23

    Congrats on 20 pouns gone forever! 🙂

    – Lisa


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