My first big hurdle

I’m 11 days post op today with 9 days of liquid diet left to go. Today was my grandson’s first birthday party. There was a LOT of food around and it smelled soooooo good. It was weird, in spite of that, I wasn’t hungry even though I have felt some hunger pangs since having my surgery. I’m not sure if they were real hunger or head hunger but I felt them.

Not today. I sat there with my bottle of water BY the food and chatting while everybody ate. I watched a few people come back for seconds and thirds (interestingly enough it was the overweight people who kept coming back). I did feel a little temptation to taste something but not swallow, and felt kind of silly for the temptation. It was a fleeting temptation at least, and soon passed.

Ironically enough, there were things I could have tried eating if I was on the soft, mushy food phase. Namely, a ‘pizza dip’ I could have easily eaten with a spoon that was made of a bunch of cheeses and my daughter even used lower fat cheeses in the prep. LOL, I did find myself wishing it was 9 days from now instead of today.

The best thing for me, though, outside of not really being tempted of feeling ‘bad’ I couldn’t eat, was that I didn’t feel awkward for being the only person there not eating. A few people knew about my surgery, but the majority of people didn’t know of it or know me. Nobody made me feel weird for not eating. i doubt most of them even noticed I didn’t eat since they didn’t all stand around the same place once they filled their plates.

Anyway, I was proud of myself and wanted to share. It wasn’t that long ago I would have been one of those people who kept coming back for more. Or having two slices of birthday cake plus ice cream.


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